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Cvreoz® Red Worm Fish Attractants

Cvreoz® Red Worm Fish Attractants

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To celebrate the company's 30th anniversary and give back to all customers, we will be offering a free fishing rod set to the first 50 customers who place an order today!

Introducing our advanced Cvreoz™ Red Worm Fish Attractants, combining Red Worm Extract, Fish Pheromones, and Natural Fish Oils. Scientifically formulated to enhance bait appeal, it triggers natural feeding responses, making your fishing experience more rewarding. Ideal for various baits like swimbaits, soft baits, worms, and jerk baits, our attractant amplifies your chances of success on the water. Elevate your fishing game with the power of science-backed attraction.

Let's take a look at what our happy customers are saying:

“In a pretty funny twist, this May my fishing buddies and I, who are all crazy about deep-sea fishing, shelled out $10,000 to rent a boat and set sail for Alaska. Our mission? To reel in a bluefin tuna. But guess what? From sunrise to way past sunset, we only managed to hook a couple of small fish. Mind you, our fishing gear costs a pretty penny, easily hitting the $10,000 mark, and we've got some serious fishing experience under our belts. It was a disappointing outcome.

Then, one of our pals stumbled upon Cvreoz™ Red Worm Fish Attractants. With a "why not?" attitude, we gave it a whirl during June's free fishing day. And holy mackerel, you wouldn't believe it! We were the center of attention, pulling in fish left and right, big ones too. That boost in confidence was something else. So, come July, we're back in Alaska. And guess what happened? Just 20 minutes into our fishing spot, bam! We've got a whopping 180-pound bluefin tuna on our line. Talk about a thrill! I'm telling you, if you're into fishing, Cvreoz™ is a game-changer. You'll be blown away, trust me.”

--- Donald Moyer, 41, Lemoyne, PA

“Man, I gotta brag about my fishing game! I got my hands on some Cvreoz™ Red Worm Fish Attractants, and let me tell you, it's insane. Usually, I could be out there for hours with zero action. Watching other folks around me haul in fish left and right was just plain awkward. So, I swallowed my pride and went up to this one dude who seemed to be on a fish-catching spree. He spilled the beans on Cvreoz™ Red Worm Fish Attractants, and I wasted no time grabbing it.

Today, in like, barely twenty minutes, I was reeling in fish like a champ. And these were no small fries, they had some weight to 'em. No tiny annoyances messing with my game. The difference was legit mind-blowing! I'm definitely gonna be a repeat customer.”

--- Pedro Cocoletzi, 55, San Mateo, CA

Consist of 3 key ingredients that differentiate it from other similar products

Red Worm Extract: Derived from red worms, this compound serves as an aquatic food attractant. Applied to various surfaces, it triggers fish to engage, leading to the term "fish bite rocks" due to its compelling predatory effect. Utilized in fishing bait, it enhances feed appetite, promoting easier fish bites.

Fish Pheromones: These natural chemical signals emitted by fish prompt specific behaviors in others of the same species. In bait, fish pheromones mimic the presence of live prey, enticing fish to approach and bite. The inclusion of fish pheromones in lures and baits enhances their effectiveness by leveraging fish's natural instincts.

Natural Fish Oils: Extracted from fish, these oils are renowned for their strong scent and flavor. In fishing bait, natural fish oils release alluring scent trails, attracting fish from a distance. The scent triggers the fish's curiosity and feeding response, making them more likely to bite, thus increasing the angler's success.

Pioneering Nanotechnology in Attractants: Revolutionizing Bait Enhancement

Nanotechnology is employed to precisely control the size of food particles, manipulating material properties at the nanoscale. Cvreoz™ Red Worm Fish Attractants, by regulating food particle sizes at the nanoscale, below micrometer levels, a wider and more uniform dispersion is achieved.

Powerful Flavour that Speads Fast

The attractants are carried by very fine food particles - just 0.4 micrometers in diameter - that's 0.4 thousandths of a millimeter. So, when it hits the lake, river, or ocean, these particles start to disperse instantly, forming a cloud of flavor and a powerful taste trail to your bait.

3000 times the bio-available flavour

Billions of microfood particles also mean a greater surface area of available taste and smell. In fact, micronutrients have 3,000 times the surface area of a normal oil-based flavor — that's 3000 times more taste and smell for the fish to detect.

What makes Cvreoz™ Red Worm Fish Attractants the best choice?

  1. Enhances Aquatic Responses: Strongly stimulates the sense of smell and taste of aquatic species, and increases fish motility and stress resistance.
  2. Irresistible Scent: Createsa scent fish cannot resist and covers undesirable scents that may repel fish.
  3. Harmless Safety: A naturally occurring substance in aquatic animals, there is no residual problem, and it can be used for a long time.
  4. Wide Application: Suitable for all types of fish species, like freshwater carp, crucian carp, tilapia, eel, trout, Tuna,saltwater fish, snapper, shellfish, shrimp, etc.
  5. Easy to Use: Suitable for reservoir/lake/river/black pit. It can be used by experienced anglers or novice anglers for a pleasant fishing experience.

How to Use

Way 1: Shake it well before use,then pour bait scent attractant directly into the water.

Way 2: Mix it with the bait, 5-10 drops for 100g baits, add water and stir, make it sturdy.


Package includes: 1/2/4 PCS X Cvreoz® Red Worm Fish Attractants

Capacity: 30ml

Origin: United States


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